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TILT is a multimedia platform that provides you with content and insights on the latest developments in the legal industry. But that’s not all: TILT also serves as a spotlight to showcase your achievements in the legal transformation space!

We believe that legal transformation doesn’t start with technology; it always starts with people who are passionate about challenging the legal industry’s status quo. It’s our mission to amplify the voices of these people, so they can continue to inspire and pass the torch on to future generations.

Srđan Dejanović


Srdjan is an entrepreneur in the field of legal transformation, with a track record of creating services, products, ventures, communities and ecosystems working to challenge the status quo in the legal industry, and move towards shaping a better legal profession for future generations.

Lucy Marx


Lucy is a journalist and editor with particular experience in reporting on business and corporate law. She’s a big believer in the power of multimedia to both inform and provide exposure to new perspectives, along with its potential to impact the legal transformation space — bringing together law, business and legal tech. 

Vojislav Bajić


Vojislav serves as a business development consultant for one of the first legal tech startups in the CEE region, and is an advisor to the region’s leading law firm on a unique digital client service that’s based on document automation technology. His interest in writing motivated him to launch TILT as a platform that investigates and reports on the latest trends in legal transformation.