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Compliance doesn’t exist only in legal terms; companies develop various policies to ensure best business practices in various departments and sectors within their operations. 


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GapApp has come up with a solution to interact with potential clients via more traditional channels of communication. By this, we mean presentations, brochures, newsletters, or any type of printed materials that your office distributes to promote expertise and engage leads….


This recap of 2023 leaves GapApp team feeling incredibly proud of the achievements accomplished, making it a remarkable and hard-to-top year. It stands as an inspiration and a significant source of enthusiasm propelling our crew to strive even harder in 2024.

Usually, a handful of distinguished experts become synonymous with a firm due to their exceptional expertise and knack for cultivating and engaging clients. But, is this truly the extent of what can be done?

Firms have started to demonstrate their expertise by publishing opinions, articles, studies, brochures, and guides on the latest market developments that clients should be aware of. What if such promotional activities could result in immediate client engagement?..

Morae Global Corporation and Henchman announced a strategic partnership to revolutionize contract drafting through the power and speed of artificial intelligence (AI).

The subject of compliance has become increasingly important since the global financial crisis that hit markets in the early 2000s. Fraudulent activities that led to the global economic downturn have shaped the compliance practices that we know today.