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PWC becomes the latest user of Harvey

After Allen and Overy, PWC – another global giant in the legal and financial industry – decided to adopt the artificial intelligence tool known as Harvey

Considering that Harvey’s data set is fed with the general legal data, it will be used by PWC’s legal arm. In a press release, PWC has said it will use Harvey to develop its own AI model to support its customized products and client services. 

Harvey will be available to 4,000 PWC staff in more than 100 countries to perform: “contract analysis, regulatory compliance, claims management, due diligence and broader legal advisory and legal consulting services”.

PWC will partner with Harvey to allow its clients, who could use the platform, to consolidate their internal processes, the statement also tells us. 

PWC made it clear that Harvey will not be replacing humans. Any output that Harvey gives will be checked by humans in PWC before being released to the clients. This is in line with the general philosophy behind Harvey that the platform should be mainly perceived as an intermediary between humans and technology. In the end, Harvey comes with a disclaimer: “The tool isn’t meant to provide legal advice to nonlawyers and should be used under the supervision of licensed attorneys.”