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Who can truly engage in business development?

Typically, only a select few within an organization are presumed capable

Lawyers and consultants often echo this sentiment, and it’s a reasonable assertion, considering the conventional approach to business development and client relations within firms. Usually, a handful of distinguished experts become synonymous with a firm due to their exceptional expertise and knack for cultivating and engaging clients. Engaging in public speaking at conferences, networking at events, and participating in business clubs or networks constitute a perennial game that shows no signs of abating.

Simultaneously, leading firms and consultancies are actively promoting their expertise through blogs, newsletters, and social media posts, all aimed at communicating a fundamental message: “Pay attention, We are experts.” Undoubtedly, this serves as a significant and necessary complement to a firm’s marketing arsenal.

But, is this truly the extent of what can be done?

This is the question consultancies should earnestly pose to themselves, considering the technology readily available at their disposal. In numerous other service industries, clients benefit from instantaneous service through personalized workflows. This feature allows clients to monitor the progress of their projects with service providers. This attribute, in essence, acts as an initial draw for clients towards a service provider.

You might ponder if this is an Uberization of consulting services. Do you wish for your clients to track your work for them, akin to how they track their Uber driver’s arrival?

Not necessarily, but leveraging the potential of modern technology can showcase your expertise and allure clients in novel ways. Embracing this potential will unlock two pivotal factors that can bolster your business development and financial performance:

People performance and cost efficiency 

As aforementioned, the “true” business development is often orchestrated by only a select group of senior leaders within an organization. However, with GapApp, any team member can leverage their expertise to generate valuable client leads. Essentially, any content produced by a lawyer or business expert could potentially fill an organization’s pipeline with valuable leads. This transformative approach envisions the entire organization transforming into an “army” of effective business developers, a stark contrast to the traditional model where only a select few engage in business development while others solely focus on direct client work.

Concurrently, any time team members spend on tasks not directly billed to a client should be regarded as opportunity cost. Consequently, this cost should either be mitigated, or the activities incurring this cost should yield greater results. With GapApp, organizations not only mobilize their entire team for business development but also witness tangible results from these endeavors. The application facilitates consultants in automatically gathering information about potential clients’ businesses, their challenges, and offers actionable steps to address these issues. Essentially, the application outlines the scope of engagement between service providers and their clients. This results in saved time spent on discovery meetings, emails, and phone calls.

What lies ahead?

If your organization seeks innovative strategies to enhance client engagement, exploring a digital or technological perspective might prove advantageous. The introduction of GapApp presents a pioneering approach tailored for organizations aspiring to effectively optimize their resources for business expansion. This innovative solution not only streamlines processes but also conserves valuable time, a critical asset often in short supply during the pursuit of such developmental initiatives.

Author: Vojislav Bajić

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