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Connecting with potential clients in person using GapApp

Sounds weird? 

Why would you use an app to connect with someone who is already available in person? Why not just talk directly about potential collaboration (?), you may ask. 

That is certainly a valid point, and we strongly encourage experts to foster personal relationships with their clients. There is no better way to build professional relationships than having face-to-face encounters. We want to reassure you that we are not IT geeks afraid of personal interactions who wish to bring everything to the digital space.

However, consider the situation when you are attending a conference as a speaker or a panellist. You are addressing a big group of people who are potential leads. 

At large events, you are not able to interact with everyone in a meaningful way. Still, you would like to connect with anyone interested in your services by learning about their businesses and potential issues you may help them resolve. 

This simply takes a lot of time and energy, which is very limited.

GapApp Approach

At GapApp, we already service users who want to promote their expertise online and engage new clients. Now, we’ve come up with a solution to use GapApp to interact with potential clients via more traditional channels of communication. By this, we mean presentations, brochures, newsletters, or any type of printed materials that your office distributes to promote expertise and engage leads.

Let’s consider the following scenario: You are attending a conference as a speaker or panellist and have the opportunity to present a few slides on the given topic. Naturally, you would like to know who from the audience is attending and is interested in what you had to say because it is relevant to their business.

How are you going to reach that person in a room full of people and pitch your service? 

GapApp now offers you the possibility to integrate a QR code into the presentations you use at any event. Once you address the given topic and promote your expertise, you can invite attendees to scan the QR code displayed on the big screen with their phones. By scanning the QR code, attendees will be guided to a page where they will be invited to answer a set of questions relevant to the topic you just covered in your presentation. Based on the given answers, the app will instantly produce a personalised business analysis for anyone who answered the questions.

On the other hand, you will get contacts for all the individuals interested in the topic you addressed, together with the issues their businesses are facing. You will have the “meat” to address them and clearly pitch your services. That way, you can reach any potential lead without directly speaking to them, simply because that is not always possible.

In other words, any direct interaction with potential clients can result in your sales funnel being filled up. This applies not only to presentations but also to any hard copy material you distribute in public. A quick scan of the QR code integrated into a document will enable your potential clients to get a quick analysis of their business and the roadmap of how any identified issues could be resolved with your assistance. 

With GapApp, you are now able to maximise your business outreach and not miss any opportunities to grow your pool of clients.

Author: Vojislav Bajić

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