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Schoenherr creates specialized AI team and dedicated website

Schoenherr, one of the leading firms in Central and Eastern Europe, decides to set itself as a trendsetter, in light of the growing hype around artificial intelligence and GPT4.

The firm has announced that it has established an internal team specialized in artificial intelligence. According to Scheonherr’s website, the team will consist of experts who will follow the latest developments in the AI field. The team currently comprises seven lawyers from Austria, Poland, and Serbia. The lawyers will advise clients on legal matters surrounding the use of artificial intelligence such as “data privacy, intellectual property rights, liability and regulatory compliance”.

The firm has also launched a website focused on AI. The website explains the basics of artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks and provides an overview of the regulatory framework. Visitors can also check the website for the latest legal updates concerning AI. At first glance, the website looks as a useful legal source for tech developers who want to incorporate AI into their tools, as well as for the users of AI powered tech across various industries.

With its latest move, Schoenherr is sending the message to clients and competitors that it has the expertise which the market requires after the “AI revolution”.