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UK expansion platform Centuro raises GBP 3.3 million

UK-based, AI-powered global expansion platform Centuro Global has raised GBP 3.3 million from UK venture capital investment firm Mercia to fuel its growth plans, it announced in a statement last week. 

Centuro operates on an “expansion as a service” model, Mercia Investment Manager Adam Watts noted. The firm streamlines the expansion process for companies wanting to grow in different geographical markets, ensuring they comply with all local regulations. It provides access to information in areas including branch setup, immigration, legal, HR, tax and accounting issues – all available through one centralized platform. 

Centuro allows clients to review data for all of the 150 different countries it covers, while saving on costs in hourly legal fees and avoiding long delays in receiving advice, its website notes. 

The firm was founded in early 2022 and has since seen a tenfold growth in monthly revenue, noted a recent article in UK media outlet Business Cloud. 

The new GBP 3.3 million funding will boost Centuro’s own expansion, including deeper investment in the AI that powers it, according to the company statement. The firm will also look to add more clients – which currently range from small businesses seeking occasional advice to larger corporates with substantial expansion plans – it added.